Our Story

It’s a tale as old as time – a family living a city life that decides to make a change. It started with wanting to grow and harvest our own food, to re-establish a connection with the seasons and cycles of the year. Thanks to the support, skills and warmth of the local community, we began to build the farm we had dreamed about. Neighbours became family in times of strife, while strangers became friends, bonded through long hours planting garlic bulbs or picking olives when our own two hands just weren’t enough.

Today, we’re more dedicated than ever to keep pursuing our dream of providing fresh, ethical and accessible produce to others. A lot has happened over the last twenty years on the Glen Donald Estate, but in many ways, we still feel like our story is only just beginning. Visit us and become part of it.



From the very beginning, our goal was to one day provide fresh, ethical and accessible produce to others.

 But first, we had to become farmers. We had to learn how to fix fences and harvest crops, care for our animals and to carry on when times were tough. Twenty years later, we are still learning, growing and mending.

Check Availabilty

We are currently taking bookings for Mulberry Cottage at Glen Donald Estate via Airbnb.