City Farmers

Being able to see how food is grown and experience the different stages of life was the driving force for us to become farmers and produce our own food. We used our knowledge from our city life to enhance our success in the country.

City Farmers

We began this journey in 2000 by establishing and producing an award-winning olive oil. This gave us the confidence to expand, and in 2010 we planted olive trees on the slopes of the Yambira Mountains in the Central West NSW which we proudly named Glen Donald Estate. Not long after this, our first garlic crop was sown.

Our mission is to provide fresh, ethically farmed produce 

The journey has had its highs and lows especially when you’re at the mercy of nature but with heartache, joy and lots of passion we have navigated our path to become 'Producers of Excellence'.

Our dedication to growing commercially viable produce that is ethically farmed, has brought many families and friends from the city out to our farm.

Glen Donald is a community farm

Continuing in the same tradition of the original owners, Glen Donald Estate is a tourist destination. Just under 5 hours west of Sydney and 2 hours from Bathurst it is worth the visit any time of year.

Many of the iconic sites such as the settlers shed and blacksmiths pit still remain. During harvest season we’re overwhelmed by the number of people from the city who want to experience how produce ends up on their plate. They see how it’s harvested, they taste the freshness and they come back every season to be a part of the process. The more the merrier we say.

It is that support and shared knowledge passed on by the local farming community that helps Glen Donald Estate get better with age.

If you are thinking of dropping in, contact us to find out the best time to come over.



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We are currently taking bookings for Mulberry Cottage at Glen Donald Estate via Airbnb.